“We need help getting unstuck!” is the request we hear most often

Our services are utilized by individuals, teams, and organizations. What each of the groups has in common is the desire to restore flow in their personal and/or professional life. It’s very common. People get stuck, and need help getting unstuck.

Making decisions that get us “unstuck” often requires us to call upon those parts of ourselves that are blocked. We resist the change, and rationalize the reasons driving the lack of decision making. Identifying the origin of those blocks and the risks associated with them is the first step in determining the course of action that will help restore flow.

Working One on One

Working one-on-one with individuals from all walks of life is one of our greatest joys. We will collaborate with you on personal and professional matters to chart a course for constructive change in your life.

Transitions can be difficult. Facing your emotions, and applying the tools necessary to put you in the driver’s seat to navigate the situation is where we excel.

Working With
Groups or Teams

Communication and trust gaps are the nemesis of leadership teams. Left unaddressed, the impact spreads throughout the organization, and results in underperforming teams.

Working with groups of up to 12 people at a time, Zen Four works to identify and resolve root cause issues, and construct a team that will provide the most effective vehicle in service of the organization.

Offsites and Retreats

Sometimes a change of scenery is required to dig deeper into the opportunities confronting us. Facilitated retreats and offsites can provide organizations with the necessary break from routine to illuminate the path toward healthy change.

Situational problem solving, organizational design, Leader Laboratories, and senior leadership development are among Zen Four’s primary consulting engagements

Happy Clients

  • Tom"Fugen"Pitner has helped my 21 year old, college student son, Sam in ways that have surpassed my expectations.  After four months a mature young man emerged who has a positive self image and a plan going forward.

    Vince Falone
    Vince Falone CST, co-owner of Center for Relaxation and Healing
  • In an addition to being a skilled listener, Tom helped me to recognize my own gifts and value, and to have the audacity to move beyond the self imposed limitations that were keeping me from having the life and the happiness that I wanted.
    I highly recommend him for anyone who find's himself or herself stuck and is ready to transition into the life of your choosing.
    Mark Steckbeck
    Mark Steckbeck Esq. at Attorney & Counselor at Law
  • The WIT (Whatever It Takes) program with Tom was a refreshing exercise in practical and real transformational work. It was direct, demanding yet compassionate, and most important EFFECTIVE and SUSTAINABLE. For the first time in a long time, I shed my guilt and shame about not performing “good enough” and got into the business of BEHAVING as the man I want to be. The support from and toward other men was paramount to breaking through my old patterns of being into a balanced, focus, intense and compassionate pattern.

    Steven Chatman
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